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Download BitFreezer app now and export your private keys anywhere you like. It's your choice, your keys, and your coins.


Our patented architecture allows creating the ultra-secure environment and all the tools necessary for free movement of the private key outside of the app while remaining completely safe and in total control.

Our features

BitFreezer isn't the first wallet that we've developed. Before the BitFreezer app, we produced BitFreezer hardware wallets that had a big emphasis on the security aspect of storage. However, a large portion of the usability aspect had to be compromised, and that is when we realized that there must be a more practical and safer way to store cryptocurrencies. We've embarked on a mission to build a product that can maintain the security of hardware wallets while also be accessible from a smartphone.

Our features

Our Values


The wallet operates only on RAM, which means the app never stores your private keys, and once the app is closed, all the data is erased. On top of that, double dynamic asymmetric high-end encryption was implemented on each and every single step of the app, which ensures superior protection from remote attacks. Your private keys are always located in an encrypted state where the decryption key is split between you and our server-side, which means the idea of merely compromising our servers is entirely obsolete. Overall, we've summarized our security in 15 simple facts that can be read here.

How it works

While using the BitFreezer app, you will never have to worry about privacy, since the only data we collect is your email, password hash, and part of your decryption key.

How it works

One of the biggest problems with crypto wallets today is the imbalance between security and usability; where one has to be compromised for the other. With BitFreezer, it takes only 30 seconds to execute a transaction with the security level of a hardware wallet.

How it works

Web App

Access your wallet online via Web App at; See recent transactions, balances and manage your profile.

Vote for your favourite cryptocurrency

Do you have a favourite cryptocurrency in mind? You can simply vote on our community vote and choose what next cryptocurrency we should list on the BitFreezer app.

Address Book

You easily save and manage the wallet addresses of your friends and family within a single address book.

Private Key control

Export your encrypted private keys to any safe storage location and use them only when you want to send your funds. You can even export your private keys to an external thumb drive and create your own cold-wallet.

More features are coming…

Safe storage won't be the only way you can interact with cryptocurrencies with the BitFreezer app. Stay tuned to try out more innovative features that soon will be available.

Peace of mind

Free yourself from stress with our patented, unique multi-layer encryption process that ensures ultra security and safety of your funds.

How to use BitFreezer

Install the app by searching “Bitfreezer” in the app store or request beta access through this website. Then follow the instructions.

Click “register” to set-up your account, be ready to provide a memorable username and password.

Now that you are registered, you can create multiple cold wallets for your cryptocurrencies. Follow the instructions within the app.

With every cold wallet generated, you will receive a key. It is vital that you store this key offline. In the event you should ever need to recover your wallet, this key will be the only way this is possible.

Conduct transactions from the wallets on your smartphone. Simply follow the instructions to connect keys and to send/receive funds.


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  • John Dylan


    I have been using BitFreezer since alpha. I have found it easy to use and reliable and am now plan on using it for the majority of my bitcoins. It's easy to use and so far I have had no problems.

  • Alex Suzenkov

    Initially I was a bit concerned about using the new kid in the block, but having used their wallet a while I found it sleak and easy to use. When I reached out to the team recently, they were quick to respond and covered everything I needed.

  • Timoteo Madhukar

    Please add more crypto support. If beta goes well I will definitely use it as a default wallet for Hodl.

  • BitFreezer


    Please do not hesitate to leave your honest opinion about the app. We are eager to improve our technology to make sure people leave their hardware wallets behind in 2018. [email protected]

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